If you are thinking of building a new homeand you need to use the expertise of a competent person, you may use builder in the NHBRC database. All competent persons are required to be registered with their respective professional bodies, e.g. Engineers must be registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa in terms of the Engineering Profession Act, 2000 or in terms of Section 11 of the Natural Scientific Professions Act, 1993.

NHBRC Reg No.: Builder Name:
Province: status:
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NHBRC Reg. No Province Builder Name Status # Units Enrolled
0000014425Limpopo Masevhe Business Enterprise Expired000000000001
0035119891Eastern Cape MASFLEX TRADING CC Expired000000000000
0000005730Eastern Cape Mash Bouers En Kontrakbestuur Bk Expired000000000054
0198154252Northwest MASH JOINT TRADING AND PROJECTS (PTY)++ Expired000000000000
0000015910Gauteng Mash Mok Housing Project Expired000000000002
0000051515Mpumalanga MASH PAVING AND CONTRACTORS Expired000000000000
0000002935Gauteng Mash-Kot Construction cc Expired000000000000
0002962951Gauteng Mash-Lap Investments Pty Ltd Expired000000000000
0204139601Mpumalanga Mashaamplaan Fabrication Expired000000000000
3000156581Limpopo Mashaamt Trading And Supply (PTY)LTD Expired000000000000
3000137370Mpumalanga Mashaba Holdings (PTY)LTD Expired000000000000
0161104251Limpopo Mashaba Junior Construction And Projec++ Expired000000000004
0000004282Gauteng Mashabangu Construction Expired000000000000
0000043223Gauteng MashaiConstructionMashaiConstruction Expired000000000002
0177707352Limpopo MASHAIPONE GENERAL CONSTRUCTION Expired000000000000